• Back & Neck Pain Treatment in Lafayette, LA

    At Cavanaugh Chiropractic, we understand that being in pain can be a nuisance to your well-being. If you are suffering from neck or back pain, visit our Lafayette area clinic today so we can come up with individualized treatment based on your specific needs

  • Lafayette's Premier Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

    The aftermath of an auto accident injury can leave you in excruciating pain that's why we are here to help you. If you are experiencing neck or back pain from an auto accident in the Lafayette area, give our Chiropractor a call today!

Why Choose Us

We are a family-owned business with a very welcoming atmosphere. We practice the same techniques, but have our unique specializations.


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Cavanaugh Chiropractic | Lafayette, LA

Cavanaugh Chiropractic offers professional and reliable pain management solutions to all individuals in the Lafayette, LA, community. We provide a clean and comfortable environment while ensuring our clients’ health improvement. We have a “family-like” atmosphere. Our certified chiropractic physicians, Dr. Michael Cavanaugh, his children Dr. Connie L Grimsley and Dr. Matthew Cavanaugh together with his experienced staff, are always available to help you.

We help alleviate pain and reeducate the body from pain and/or injury that you might have experienced through our specialized chiropractic techniques. Don’t stay in pain – take care of it today!


Cavanaugh Chiropractic Services Include:

  • Auto accident injury
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Pinched nerve
  • Headache
  • Scoliosis
  • Sports injury
  • Workers Compensation


Our Certified Chiropractic Physicians Include:

  • Michael Cavanaugh, DC
  • Connie Grimsley, DC
  • Matthew Cavanaugh, DC


We accept same day and emergency appointments.

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